Issue 5: Sanctuary

Cover artwork by Marnie Blair

Writing in the aftermath of World War I, the novelist Thomas Mann placed his character Hans Castorp in a tuberculosis sanatorium, high in the Alps, for seven years. For Mann, the concept of safety was complex: he described time itself as a swiftly-disintegrating sanctuary. From Mann’s The Magic Mountain to George Mason University’s recent virtual exhibit, “Sanctuary: Growing Along Nature in an Uncertain World,” the concept of sanctuary has been articulated through a variety of media and disciplinary forms. Sanctuary, which invokes notions of sacred space, can be associated with a place that provides safety or protection. The word itself creates social meaning across languages: in French, for example, the word for “sanctuary” is interchangeable with “asylum.” For the past four decades, the sanctuary movement in the U.S. has sought to provide asylum for groups seeking refuge from sites of political oppression. In recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth surges of risk that make a constant sense of safety elusive for many. In this issue, contributors contemplate the many dimensions of sanctuary, exploring aesthetics, ethics, and affects of safety in the context of care. 

Edited by
Iro Filippaki

Sarah Roth
Alise Leiboff
Hannah Davidson
Sarah El Halabi
Makenna May

Table of Contents

Editorial Team

Visual Arts
Wax Walls
Anna Kroll & Chloe Engel

Night Side
Elisheva Elbaz

A Trip to Pleasure Island
Priya Amin

Fabrica: Female Torso
Marnie Blair

Paavani Lella

Peace in the moment,
the moment our refuge

Autumn Ogunbamise

Creative Nonfiction
On Being Saved

Áine Greaney

The Sanctuary of Despair
Elizabeth Koch

Life Lines
Liz Orton

Illusion of Control
Miriam Hall

Critical Perspectives
Sanctuary in Name Only: Afghan Refugees,
Brutality and Addiction in Pakistan

Sanaullah Khan

Tritina for Hunger

Joyce Ker

Two Poems
Cory Gatrall

White Coats
Honor Zetzer

Two Poems
Kristin Turner

Heron Songs on the D Minor Scale
Jamie Alm

Roshni Beeharry

Woes of a Runny Nose
Benson Egwuonwu

Where We Dwell
Austin Lam

Holding Spaces
Zahra Bardai

Two Poems
Rondalyn Whitney

Welcome the Dark
Jennifer Caputo

Two Poems
Michael Hammerle

How to Disappear
Natalie Wang
Selected for the Lorde Award for Undergraduate Writing