Anna Kroll and Chloë Engel


Artists’ Statement

The words you hear and see in this video are taken from an improvisational performance practice in which we describe an imaginary space and place ourselves in it. This transcript is from May 14, 2021.

This practice was developed over the phone as we wondered how we could dance together while being physically apart. Together we describe the space we share.

The accompanying color shifting background is a visual synth designed by Jeremy Wiles Young. As we speak, the volume of our voices causes the color to morph from gray to coral.

Chloë Engel and Anna Kroll are improvisers, dancers, and listeners. They create improvisational practices to build skills that are necessary for a collaborative world. They begin from the acknowledgment that change is inevitable and imminent. Their work has been presented as part of re:semblance at New Media Artspace (NYC / online), in Spark IV: A New World? (Baltimore / online), and part of The Mind on Fire Variety Show (Baltimore). They’ve taught independently and through Deep Play Institute. They are currently working on a tabletop game called The Space is a Body and You Are In It.