Conceived at the Johns Hopkins University’s Homewood campus, Tendon has always been linked with the Hopkins undergraduate community. Over the years, undergraduates have submitted extensively to Tendon and inhabited the physical and digital pages of the magazine. In appreciation of this relationship, Tendon is proud to introduce the Audre Lorde Award for Undergraduate Writing in the Medical Humanities. Beginning with the upcoming issue, Sanctuary, one undergraduate author will be selected for a special feature in the annual publication. Along with the special feature, the awarded individual’s name will be featured on the magazine’s website, and they will also be sent a $25 gift card. Please see the following prerequisites for submitting to the Audre Lorde Undergraduate Award:

  • Author must hold undergraduate status at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Author must be in good standing with the university.
  • Author must agree to have their piece published in Tendon Magazine if chosen.
  • Author’s writing must be resonant with the current issue’s proposed theme, as described in the Call for Submissions.
  • The piece must be written predominantly in English such that our team may fully appreciate and consider it, however there is certainly flexibility to play with language.

To nominate a current student for the Audre Lorde Award for Undergraduate Writing (self-nominations are welcome!), email by July 1, 2022 with writing attached as a .doc, .docx, .or .pdf, and include the following information about the nominee:

  • Name and pronouns
  • Author’s bio (2-4 sentences)
  • Brief description of author’s work and why it is nominated for the Lorde Award