Program in the Arts, Humanities, & Health

Statement of Vision and Mission

The Program in the Arts, Humanities, & Health recognizes that art and the humanities can foster empowerment, equity, and community, and serve to humanize medical practice and education. The arts and humanistic inquiry are powerful tools for cultivating health, and serve to both nurture and reflect the human spirit. Further, the arts and humanities are uniquely capable of connecting people–caregivers and patients, students and teachers, institutions and their surrounding communities–in the realization and experience of their shared humanity.

The Program in the Arts, Humanities, and Health (AHH) engages members of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions (JHMI) and East Baltimore communities in a range of activities at the nexus of artistic expression, humanist inquiry and well-being. Expanding the mission of the Office of Cultural Affairs, which has furthered medical arts and humanities at JHMI since the 1970s, AHH: (1) partners with relevant stakeholders across the university and city to offer new cultural programs (e.g., concerts, film series, discussions of poetry, literature and art, etc.); (2) serves as a clearinghouse for ongoing JHMI initiatives at the intersection of the arts, humanities and health; and (3) cultivates stronger relationships between JHMI and the East Baltimore community through the arts.

Dr. Gail Geller, Director

Gail Geller, ScD, MHS, is the Berman Institute’s Director of Education Initiatives and a Professor in the Department of Medicine, with joint appointments in the Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Departments of Health, Behavior & Society and Health Policy & Management, and the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences’ Department of Sociology. Dr. Geller has been an active member of the ELSI (Ethical, Legal & Social Implications of Genetics) research community since its inception. For 30 years she has conducted empirical research – both quantitative and qualitative – on the ethical and social implications of genetic testing in the adult, pediatric and family contexts. Currently, she is Co-Principal Investigator of an NHGRI CEER (Center of Excellence in ELSI Research) designed to address the ELSI issues arising from the application of genomics to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. She has been a member of two NIH Consortia: the Cancer Genetics Studies Consortium and the Informed Consent Consortium, and co-chaired the Task Force on Informed Consent for Cancer Susceptibility Testing.

Dr. Loren Ludwig, Program Coordinator

Loren Ludwig is the program coordinator for the program in Arts, Humanities, & Health at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Also a scholar/performer based in Baltimore, MD, Loren studied viola da gamba at Oberlin Conservatory and completed his PhD in musicology at the University of Virginia in 2011. Loren has served as musicology faculty at the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, Grinnell College, and the New Zealand School of Music, and is excited to bring his experience as a performing musician and music researcher to his role generating and facilitating cultural programming on JHMI’s East Baltimore and Bayview campuses.