Photo of Yanneck Wiegers

Yanneck Wiegers

Yanneck Wiegers is a PhD student in the Classics department. Primarily a Latinist, his research interests lie in the intertextuality and aesthetics of Latin poetry. In his dissertation, he examines the tension between philological labor and aesthetic sentiment in the production of Latin literature.

Before coming to Johns Hopkins, Yanneck completed a BA/BS in Latin and Biology at the University of Osnabrück, an MA in Classics at Leipzig University, and spent some time at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, Italy.

Though he chose the path of the humanities, he never lost his love for the natural sciences. He continues to study the history of scientific thought (especially biology) in Classical antiquity and beyond. He is especially interested in the Pre-Socratic philosophers and Aristotle, as well as their reception in the 17th century.

A passionate teacher, he has taught courses in Latin and Ancient Greek at various levels and seminars on the history of science (“Ancient Genetics” and “History of Ancient Biology”). In spring 2022, he will be acting as a teaching assistant for a class on “Scientific Imagination”.