Michele Asuni

Michele Asuni is a PhD candidate in the Classics department at Johns Hopkins University. His dissertation, titled “Pathos Visible: Color and Emotion from Homer to Heliodorus,” explores how the ancient Greeks used color to characterize emotions across literary genres, media and time periods, with a special focus on issues of materiality, embodiment, and the intersections between scientific thought and aesthetics. He is currently teaching a Freshman Seminar on The Greeks and Their Emotions, which is cross-listed with theMedicine, Science and the Humanities major. Michele has received residential fellowships from the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, the Hardt Foundation for the Study of Classical Antiquity, and the Max Kade Foundation. His approach to the ancient world is profoundly interdisciplinary, and he is very excited to join the Center for Medical Humanities and Social Medicine as a fellow in 2021-2022. He recently translated The Beginnings of Philosophy in Greece for Princeton University Press.