Reproduction, Health, and Society

Jason Chernesky, Postdoctoral Fellow

by Marian Robbins • February 20, 2023

Jason earned his BA in history from Rutgers University-New Brunswick and his MA in history from Rutgers/NIJT-Newark. He recently earned is PhD in the History and Sociology of Science from the University of Pennsylvania. As a historian of twentieth-century medicine, healthcare, public health, and environments in the United States, Jason’s research examines race-based health disparities […]

Cecilia Tomori

by Marian Robbins • December 10, 2021

Cecília Tomori is Associate Professor and Director of Global Public Health and Community Health at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing with a joint appointment at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is an anthropologist and public health scholar whose work investigates the structural and sociocultural drivers that shape health, illness and […]

Vincenza Mazzeo

Vincenza Mazzeo

by Marian Robbins • August 19, 2021

Vincenza Mazzeo is a PhD Candidate in History at Johns Hopkins University and 2020-2021 Fellow at the Centre for Medical Humanities and Social Medicine.  She holds an H.BA from the University of Toronto and MA from Carleton University. Vincenza’s dissertation uses oral history and women’s alternative media to examine how ideas of gender, race, health, […]

Jacob Moses

Jacob Moses, CMHSM Postdoctoral Fellow

by pendari • December 3, 2020

Jacob Moses, PhD, studies biomedicine and biotechnology in the 20th and 21st centuries, with a particular focus on issues of ethics and governance. His research and teaching interests include the history of medicine; science & technology studies; the history of emotions in science, technology, and medicine; medical decision-making; the history of surgery; gender, sexuality, and […]

Brooke Lansing

Brooke Lansing

by pendari • November 3, 2020

Brooke Lansing is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History at Johns Hopkins University. Her dissertation, entitled “With the Strictest Confidence: Abortion and Contraception in Nineteenth-Century New York City,” explores women’s perspectives on reproductive control, and the gender politics behind its increasing restriction, from 1839-1878. Her study is drawn from largely never-before-studied court records […]

Talia Katz

Talia Katz

by pendari • January 10, 2020

Talia Katz is a PhD student in the Department of Anthropology at Johns Hopkins University. Her research tracks the development and practice of psychodrama and drama therapy in Israel, considering how experiences of violence influence the production of psychiatric knowledge. More broadly, she is interested in how the concept of trauma is reconfigured in relation […]

Joanna Behrman

Joanna Behrman

by pendari • September 12, 2019

Joanna Behrman is a PhD candidate in the Department of the History of Science and Technology at Johns Hopkins University. Her research work has included multiple projects at the intersection of gender and the history of science education. She is currently finishing her dissertation on the influence of women’s colleges on the history of women […]

Kathleen Page

by pendari • November 16, 2017

Dr. Kathleen Page, MD, is an Associate Professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  Her work focuses on improving access and quality of care to the emerging Latino community in Baltimore. Her practice in the Moore Clinic and at the Baltimore City Health Department serves Latin American immigrants […]

Ayah Nuriddin

by pendari • November 15, 2017

Ayah Nuriddin is a PhD candidate in the Department of the History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, and a graduate fellow in the Center for Medical Humanities and Social Medicine. She holds a Masters in History and Masters of Library Science (MLS) from the University of Maryland, College Park. Her dissertation analyzes African American […]

Carolyn Sufrin, Associate Director

by pendari • November 14, 2017

Carolyn Sufrin, MD, PhD, is a medical anthropologist and Ob/Gyn at Johns Hopkins University. She has worked extensively on reproductive health issues affecting incarcerated women, from providing clinical care in jail, to research, policy, and advocacy. Her work is situated at the intersection of reproductive justice, health care, and mass incarceration. Her recent book, Jailcare: […]