Intestines Entwined


Nizlyn is intrigued by the skin-like qualities of paper and how it mimics the frailty of the body. The paper she uses is fragile, yet strong, calling to mind the strength of the skin itself.

She has always considered her work to be wound-dwelling, exploring her own diagnosis of Microscopic Colitis – an invisible illness – and the body’s astounding ability to persevere through waves of pain. Nizlyn’s work reflects the cathartic process of creating art that makes her own pain bearable and memorable.

The body’s interior is represented by her series “Intestines Entwined”, which contains several woven papercuts depicting the digestive system and intestines. The papercut forms become surrogates for her own organs as she project her disease onto them. They carry with them a hope for healing and an understanding through making. They are an attempt at making the scary unknown seen, heard, and lovingly cared for.

oil pastel on cut paper

Nizlyn is a New York-based artist who suffers from a chronic gastrointestinal condition. Though her injuries are microscopic, she aims to call attention to invisible illnesses. She handles paper as if it were the body and as such, uses a knife to cut it to reveal its delicate nature.

Social Media: @nizlyn_artist