HOPE (Honoring Our Pandemic Experiences) Photo Contest

OVERVIEW: The HOPE Photo Contest invites the submission of photographs taken since the start of the pandemic that capture our experiences over the last 18 months. The HOPE Photo Contest accepts submissions from all Johns Hopkins affiliates (faculty, students and staff), with a submission deadline for all photos of 11:59pm on Monday, Feb. 7th, 2022. The winners will be announced by early March, and a virtual Gallery Opening will occur via ZOOM during the first week of April (2022). The HOPE Photo Contest is administered by Johns Hopkins’ Program in Arts, Humanities, & Health in partnership with the Johns Hopkins Office of Well-Being.

FORMAT: The HOPE Photo Contest accepts submissions of digital photographs in 3 separate categories (1. documenting Johns Hopkins community; 2. documenting a JH clinical environment; and 3. documenting a teaching/classroom setting). Prizes will be awarded for each category and each of eight clinical locations , with 3 additional “Grand Prize” winners selected from among the winners in each clinical location. Each winner at each clinical location will receive a gift card of $100, with the 3 Grand Prize winners awarded an additional gift card of $500. Photos must be submitted via the HOPE Photo Contest web portal [LINK] in the .jpg file format and should be no less than 300dpi/ppi. A maximum of 3 photos (total) will be accepted from any individual contestant (these 3 photos can be submitted in any category, above, but will automatically be associated with the contestant’s clinical location).

JUDGING: Photos will be judged by a panel that includes Baltimore-based artist(s) plus members of the Johns Hopkins community drawn from a cross section of roles (faculty, students, and staff) and clinical locations.

EXHIBITION: A physical exhibition of 15 photographs will be displayed at each clinical location and each exhibition will be comprised of 9 “runners up” (3 photos in each category) from that clinical location, the 3 winning photos (at the $100 prize level) from that clinical location, and the 3 Grand Prize winners (at the $500 prize level). Additionally, there will be a virtual gallery exhibition and virtual opening to which all contestants and winners will be invited. The URL of the HOPE Photo Contest VIRTUAL GALLERY EXHIBITION is [URL]. In addition, select winning photos will be exhibited on the big LED billboard on Charles Street just north of the Amtrak station during March or April 2022.

1 HIPAA guidelines specify that no Johns Hopkins patient may appear in a submitted photo.
2 The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Howard County General Hospital, Sibley Memorial Hospital, Suburban Hospital, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, Johns Hopkins Home Care Group.
3 Gift cards issued to Johns Hopkins employees will have taxes withheld at the standard rate.

You may submit up to three images below. Each image must be in JPG format and no larger than 10 MB. For each, please also provide a photo title and select a category.