Future Memory

Lisa Turner

The printworks in the Future Memory series consist of consumer objects juxtaposed with the visual language of medical illustrations. The resulting compositions appear as piles or Frankenstein like figures and masses in a suggested environment. By linking consumerism with the science of the body, it is Turner’s goal to foster multiple interpretations that might lead to discussions surrounding obsolescence, the ephemeral nature of consumption, environmental concerns, or the endless quest for individuality through consumerism.

The three works presented could be seen as a representation of literal and metaphorical sites for injury. Through endless acts of consumption and the emphasis on materialism, there is an abundance of objects and plastic stuff that continues to be mass produced. Where does this stuff go? The plastic waste ultimately accumulates in the biological environment through physical waste and the proliferation of microplastics. The lines between human biology and consumable “product” are becoming blurred, with as yet, unknown health consequences.

Screenprint on Inkjet Print, 30”x22”, 2023

Lisa Turner received an MFA specializing in Printmaking from the University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB) and a BFA from NSCAD University (Halifax, NS). Turner’s creative practice utilizes a variety of printmaking methods and the multiple to examine materialism and consumption. She is especially interested in the endless number of strange objects for purchase and their impact on the environment and the body. Turner lives in Bellingham, Washington and is an Associate Professor at Western Washington University.

Website: https://lisaturnerart.com/