May 28, 2021

2:00pm – 3:30pm

Featuring Dr. Robbie Shilliam and Dr. Jeffrey Kahn of Johns Hopkins University.

To register, visit Zoom Webinar.

Part of the “Epidemic//Endemic” year-long speaker series sponsored by the Center for Medical Humanities & Social Medicine. Moderated by Dr. Alexandre White, Associate Director of the Center for Medical Humanities & Social Medicine.

About the Epidemic//Endemic Speaker Series: The COVID-19 epidemic has starkly illuminated a series of structural forces in health and society that produce endemic disparities. As a result, older questions of inequalities, social relations, and political and economic ideology are now occurring in direct conversation with current issues associated with health and health care systems. The Center for Medical Humanities and Social Medicine at Johns Hopkins seeks to use this moment to bring scholars together for a yearlong discussion on the role of the COVID-19 epidemic in raising questions of wider importance to the social sciences and the humanities, and vice versa.

Note on proceedings: We will be using the Q&A option of Zoom Webinar to collect questions throughout the talk to be asked to our speakers in the last section of the event. If your question is selected, we will ask you to come on screen and converse directly with the speakers. If you do not wish to come on screen, please let us know when submitting your question.