by Adie Fecker


i am worried about my lungs 

what they had to inhale 

what I pray will chemically neutralize 

how my heart is the drum

beating poison into pieces

the rise

of my diaphragm tachypneic  

off rhythm with my lungs 

a poor dancer even before adoption 

before I was homesick 

asthma was in the only milk 


from birth were instructed 

to metabolize hate

into smallness into silence into

vocal cord dysfunction

a barely detectable break

a clue 

today I taught myself about

the flapping vocal fold

the near suffocation of loud singing

that lets the poison out 

how my song still glides on top a

small wing

Adeline Fecker is an M1 student at the Oregon Health and Science University. She was a finalist in poetry at the BIPOC Submission Reading Series and has been published in Ephemera Literary Journal and Journal of Wild Culture.

Instagram: @adiefecker