Mirror with two faces


by Peter Yearwood


I see reflections of a life lived
Asked the man in the mirror
Tell me your name
no answer
How are you?
No answer.
How can I help you?
How did you get here?
No answer

This man in the mirror is mimicking me

This wandering soul
Floating like a cloud
Through a galaxy of complexity
Silent storms raging
Questions no answers
If only I knew how to talk to him

I would ask him to tell me his story
How did you get here, in this place
that doesn’t seem to fit?

Like the steady flow of a waterfall
I spoke real talk

From where I sit, in this confine,
I see a vessel that has stood the test of time
Loves lost loves found
Battles lost battles won

Like a bow that bends and never breaks
so is my will to overcome
Reaching for the stars
With all wheels on the ground

Like shooting stars that disappear
Into the night
From the beginning, in the middle
So has been my plight

Ah, but the end
I get to write–my friend.