For Breonna Taylor, A Fellow EMT by Brooke Stanicki

“There is no COVID-19”, a patient said. 

As we rode, sirens blaring. 

He grasped at my eyes 

But found no wool for him to pull 

How lucky am I, 

I got to be his usher 

Show him past the truck of bodies 

Push his stretcher to the door. 

Once full of blank certainty 

His eyes were colored in, 

Not with bright knowledge 

But with the dark shade of the truth.


They got no such luxury. 

No infinite morgue truck 

Of lifeless black bodies 

To bring the country to its knees. 

They couldn’t argue any longer 

So they spray-painted our eyes 

And now we cannot avoid 

The dark shade of the truth. 

And now we cannot avoid the dark shade of the truth. 

Author Bio

Brooke Stanicki is a new writer with recently published fiction and poetry. She has been featured by Indolent Book’s “What Rough Beast” poetry series and has upcoming fiction in The Syndrome Magazine and Arcane Publishing’s “Tynes goe by Turns”. When not writing, she is a student at Johns Hopkins University and an emergency medical technician in her home state of New Jersey.

Instagram: @brooke_stanicki


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