The Program in Race, Racism and Health draws on the immense expertise of our affiliates tengage in research, outreach and actions committed to the study of and action against racism in medicine. The Center recognizes the immense importance of critically examining the role of racism in the production of medical knowledge and the linkages between racist thought and legacies of oppression.  

Scholars connected to the center have been at the forefront of considering the historical development of racism and its effects on medical knowledge, the linkages between structural racism, violence and health outcomes, as well as novel approaches to teaching pre-medical, medical and practicing physicians the effects that racism has, and continues to have on the practice of medicineFrom developing novel approaches to research and teaching through the employment and development of digital humanities methods to a variety of course offerings, the Center for Medical Humanities and its scholars and students are endeavoring to make the study, research and examination of racism and medicine a critical component of medical education at all levels.