Call for Submissions: Fall 2019

This Fall, Tendon Magazine is accepting Reflections on Trauma.

In the midst of migration, war, and systemic oppression, illness, injury, and violence are often felt with disruptive force. Trauma has emerged as both a ubiquitous embodied experience and a contested category of thought and diagnosis. While institutional, medical, and legal uses of the term tend to domesticate the embodied experience of trauma—stripping it of the life conditions that generate it—trauma can be a useful way to apprehend the aftereffects of great difficulty. The ubiquity, weight, and many scales at which trauma can be invoked beg for collective, interdisciplinary endeavors, to heal those subject to disruptive and wounding experiences; to describe such experiences in a way that exceeds disciplinary conventions; and to interrogate what we mean when we say the word. What is trauma? How might a scholar, artist, or practitioner follow the ways in which a sudden rupture reverberates into a life? How has trauma entered into ways of knowing, addressing, or healing in study, creation, or practice? How might we think about the relationship between language, trauma, and expression? How does trauma as both category and experience affect the expression and sharing of pain? 

We invite creative submissions that deal with trauma as:
  • A contemporary concept that transcends time, space, identity, and disciplines
  • A diagnostic category that cannot be extricated from powerful discourses
  • An experience, a fissure, or critical disruption in a life

Please send submissions, along with a short bio, to

Deadline: November 20, 2019.

Submission guidelines can be found here.